Courage to Change

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This week, I'm going to share more about the magical experience of staying two weeks at a traditional Ayurvedic hospital in India. 

Here my roommate Maria Habib gets a medicated mud pack for a swollen gland on her neck. Ayurveda is a 7,000 year old medical science based on elemental theory. Thus, all of its treatments are natural and anything you put on you body should also be eatable (because our skin eats too!). 

This may seem weird or ineffective but our western standards, but Ayurveda takes the whole organism into consideration. So many harsher treatments will solve one problem while throwing everything else out of whack. 

Treating someone, especially with a serious illness, is a hugely delicate process in Ayurveda. The more I watched the doctor, the more in awe I became. He was always balancing so much information! 

It takes more than a lifetime to learn the whole science, so I feel lucky to have gotten the chunks I've been privileged to receive. Even with just little bits of knowledge, it all helps me to stay balanced and better understand this amazing life we share.