Inner Awakening

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Ok I'm doing it again!

I'm at the airport, ready for round II of leading an Indian Ayurvedic adventure.

Eight amazing women (plus another being growing inside me) are coming along for the ride this time.

This journey will involve bitter herbs, oil massages and the most delicious soup.

It's two weeks of a full detox of body/mind/spirit that lasts for a long time to come.

Last year there were moments I wanted to run away from everything and then moments I never wanted to leave.

Doing this kind of self-growth work can be so challenging!

We have to face our demons and they are always so scary.

But then at the end of all the sweat and struggle, we get everything we've ever desired.

Growth means taking risks and letting ourselves get vulnerable.

It means a willingness to be uncomfortable.

Within all that, we meet ourselves and develop real courage -- the kind that inspires others.

That courage is everything, always but especially these days.

So let's do it.

Let's take a risk, open up, get uncomfortable in the name of growth.

We're doing it together and the rewards are so very sweet.