Meet Micah

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Happy Friday team! So, I need to make a couple of announcements in a specific order. 

First, early this fall I began dating a sweet guy named Micah Haskell-Hoehl. I call him my boyfriend and we've been having ourselves a good time getting to know each other. 

Second, one of the last things we did in 2016 was get ourselves knocked up. Yup, I'm pregnant! Despite this not looking at all like the cultural norm, Micah and I are both really happy and totally rolling with this exciting, new twist of life. 

Third, I'm about 10 weeks which is a little early to be talking about this but since we're breaking all cultural customs anyway, I thought I would share. Since I wish we could open up more honest space about the emotional, unpredictable terrain of early pregnancy, I thought I would give it a try. 

So yay, I'm pregnant! 2017 will be a game-changer for sure. 

Who knows what will happen next? I'll keep you all updated and appreciate your support and words of wisdom.

PS -- there's even more good stuff to this story so if you are curious check out the blog post I wrote in the links below.