My Life Now

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Yesterday, I got to check out the technicolor azaleas 🌺 at the Arboretum with this guy. 

We are on the brink of so much -- moving in, learning to live together (did I mention he has a cat and I have a dog?), and oh yeah, having a baby. It's all seems so scary except that when I take it day by day, it's not. We lined up our midwife, found a birthing class and are starting to look for our new home. Mostly I just feel really happy. 

If you told me at this time last year that this would be my life, I wouldn't have believed you. How can so much happen in a year? Yet everything has developed in such a natural way --way better than I ever could have planned it out. 

I'm clear that I just need to keep showing up, do my own healing work and engage in some extra wonderful self-care. Life will take care of the rest. I feel so very grateful and completely curious about what will come next..