My Pregnancy Journey

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So, it's not dramatic but you can definitely see the bump filling in. Strangers are starting to ask if I'm expecting. Also I can't sleep on my stomach anymore 😧 which is taking a lot of readjustment. All of these signs are letting me know, yup, this is real. 

Micah and I have also just signed a lease on a beautiful home in Brookland, with a charming wooden staircase and dreamy fenced-in back yardfor Poncho. We move June 1st.

I'm so happy on so many levels and on Sunday I had to sit down and cry for a little while. It almost hurts to let in so much abundance. It's tearing down the walls of my heart and my normal boundaries aren't there. Its scary sometimes. I have to trust so deeply in myself and so completely in the moment. 

I guide my clients through these life breakthroughs often but I think it's been a while since I've personally had one. It's so beautiful and beyond me at the same time. I need to take long deep breaths to stay with all the change. 

Self-care, I tell myself. I just have to keep taking care of myself. I just have to keep up with life today.