Open, Patient, Waiting...

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Omg, it's a little baby thing!

I was so nervous before my first ultrasound this week and once this image popped up on the screen, I burst out laughing.

It's so tiny and yet I can't believe how human s/he already appears!

My first thought was how comfy s/he is and how all it needs to do it relax and grow.

Making this baby has been beautiful and it's incredibly vulnerable. I'm so not in control of the outcome and I feel that everyday.

I can eat well and take my vitamins but other than that I just have to wait and see.

Seeing this image was a relief until I realized that it is always like this.

Who knows what will happen next?

There's no revoking the love I feel in my heart.

My only choice is to stay open and willing.

This is life.

We always care about things we can't control.

We can do our part but ultimately the journey means surrendering.

It's so hard and for me, self-care is what makes it bearable.

Self-care helps me stay open, patient, waiting for this life to do what it will.