Perfect Mother

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I'm winding up my India/Ayurveda storytelling (tomorrow will be my last post) and today wanted to share this simple moment at the center's farm. We were hanging out, drinking illicit chai tea, and giggling as we watched this dog mama tend to her newborns. The magic of the moment was so subtle that I almost missed it. 

You see, it was just life. No one was worrying about whether they were doing things right or how it would all turn out or waiting for something to happen. Everyone was just there in the eternally ordinary present moment. 

This seems obvious but I don't think we do this well in our culture. I grew up thinking my worth was dependent on what I accomplished. Living in Peru taught me a lot about the power of just being and India gives me a master course every time I go. We don't have to do that much and the feeling that we should be doing more makes us suffer. Life just happens and it takes us with it. 

To me, this is the biggest gift of being pregnant. I feel like life just swept me up and is living itself through me. My job is to go with the flow and take care of myself. The dog doesn't worry about being the perfect mother -- why should I? 

Our instincts are usually right on and we know when action is necessary. Until then, we can show up, breathe and relax into our lives.

 — with Ajith Tp Thalapoyil.