Satisfying Ayurveda Lunch

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This is lunch, Ayurveda-style. We were served three freshly-cooked meals a day because the center doesn't have a refrigerator!! (Ok maybe I got four meals, one extra for the little one inside of me). 

According to Ayurveda, leftovers don't contain prana (the lifeforce energy that sustains us). Since digestion is the most important part of our health, we have to pay attention. 

We can only absorb what we digest and so many of us can't digest our food due to improper diet, irregular meals, and high stress levels. 

Eating well-cooked, well-spiced, mostly plant-based meals is what heals us. For me, both the eating and the cooking nourish me deeply. 

The transition back from India is always very tough -- jet lag and extreme culture change -- and cooking fresh meals everyday is helping me to stabilize and integrate this experience. 

Also, it's a delicious way of life and I can never argue with that. 💗