Thinking of You All

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After 35 hours of cars, airplanes and airports, we landed in balmy Bangalore last night! 

I felt so grateful for the open seats next to me on the first flight, the many amazing movies I saw (check out "A Man Called Ove" and "Captain Fantastic" if you haven't already), and the retreat ladies that traveled with me. 

We landed tired and crossed the parking lot to the airport hotel. Entering, I saw this gorgeous mandala in the lobby. The staff bowed to us, dotted our foreheads with red sandalwood paste, and had us sit down on a couch while they did all the paperwork. Right away, I felt cared for and surrounded by beauty. My nervous system relaxed five speeds down. 

It made me think that this is the power we hold for each other. We are here to ease the journey for others. We do this by remembering the power of beauty, care and good humor. As we do it for others with sincerity, we also begin to receive wildly. This is the magic of generosity. We can only receive what we are brave enough to give. 

My intention for this retreat is give and receive this beautiful life with my whole, aching heart. 

(We leave this morning for the Ayurvedic center, where we are without wifi. This may be my last post for a bit as we all take some major downtime. Thinking thinking thinking of you all 💗)