You Can Heal Your Life

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Yesterday I realized that when I get outside on a beautiful day with people that inspire me and Poncho sniffing by my side, I feel good about myself.

This morning I remembered the power of drinking a glass of warm water right away and that as I drink it, it's ok to rest my head on the counter and just feel all the jumbled emotions that are rushing through me.

I teach about self-care and what I've found is that our habits and our emotions are forever intertwined.

We can't just check off the boxes on eating well and sleeping well and expect our inner lives to thrive.

It's important to feel our feelings but without some soothing external self-care, we will drown in them.

I write this because I believe that integrated self-care, capacity for nuance and a strong sense of self are essential for moving forward without falling apart.

I've been doing yoga for more than 12 years and it's only now that I see how my practice is truly being utilized.

My belief is that we don't know why we practice.

Life only makes sense when we look at it in reverse.

Still, we must show up consistently, challenge ourselves to become more and care endlessly for our intelligent and tender spirits because only they will navigate us into this unknown future.