My Hope

Oh great river! It's a blessing to have you in our city and I'm so sorry for the ways we haven't kept you beautiful. We are learning. Please give us time. 

This morning, I laid in bed listening to the rain falling and the rumbles of thunder farther away. I took Poncho for his walk and we both turned our faces up to the sky. There's a new life growing in my womb and I can't rush that, can't control it, really can't even protect this baby, even though I desperately want to keep everyone and everything safe forever and ever. 

So what can I do? I can pray. How do I pray? By feeling my smallness it in all. By not blaming others. But tending to my own plot of land as well as I can and knowing it's all so very temporary. I pray by listening to the rain and letting it wash away my fear, give me truer energy as I once again tip my face up to the enormous sky.