The 10-Minute Healthy & Delicious Recipe I Can't Stop Making

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Hello again!

Happy Wednesday to us all.  The sun is shining bright here in Washington, DC and I'm feeling good.  AbunDANCE -- the ladies dance party + fundraiser for Thrive DC -- went swimmingly (but definitely not perfectly) on Saturday.  

I'm feeling so happy about how it all turned out and just a few sighs of relief that it's over.  Sensing my relaxation, Poncho is looking at me longingly for a walk. His eyebrows urge: It's pretty outside!  Why are you still typing?  

As you may know, some weeks I love diving into the deeper aspects of our self-care process.  I've written about dealing with our mother issues and why it's a good thing that you're getting angry all the time.   I even made an emergency plan for when your pants feel too tight, which I am going back to these days as my baby-filled belly keeps expanding. 

This week I am going to indulge Poncho and rest my system a bit by keep this message short, practical and delicious.  Today I want to share a trick that helps me to eat well even when I don't have a lot of time. 

Do you find yourself in situations when you are way too busy to cook but still need to nourish yourself with really good food?  

Yes, me too.  So what do we do about that?

I think it's great self-care to have a few back-up recipes that you know you can make in less than 10 minutes.  In my arsenal, I have oatmeal (yes, I sometimes eat it for dinner and find it very easy to digest late at night), greek yogurt with almond butter + chopped dates, and the classic cheesy scrambled eggs.  

However, when I need something lighter, healthier and more exotic, I always come back to making my own Vietnamese spring rolls.

Does that sound hard?  It's not.  You can buy the wrappers at any health food or Asian food store.  Stick them in the back of your cupboard because they last forever.  This is good because they will always been there when you need them. 

Then, when hunger strikes, get ready to assemble.  Tear apart some lettuce, chop up whatever veggies you have in your crisper, and slice an avocado if you have one.  If anything else looks like it would work-- leftover salmon, noodles or feta cheese perhaps-- get that ready, too. 

Throw a spring roll wrapper in a pan of room temperature water.  Wait about 20 seconds and lift it out.  Fill the soaked wrapper with a small handful of veggies and roll the whole thing up like a burrito.  Lay it-- seam side down-- on a plate while you make a few more.   

(Don't worry if the wrapper still feels a little stiff when you are making your roll.  Give it another minute and it will get completely soft.  However, if you leave it soaking in the water for too long, it will get too mushy to work with.)

You get bonus points for making your own dipping sauce.  I make my favorite by throwing a handful of parsley (stems too), a tablespoon of nut butter, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast, a squirt of Bragg's, a bit of lemon juice and a few tablespoons of water into my Vitamix.  I turn it up to high for 30 seconds and voila: Asian green dipping sauce. 

(If that feels too complicated, mixing a little bit of soy sauce with sesame oil can also be pretty yummy.)

This recipe can be made vegan, raw, gluten-free and travels very well.  It works beautifully in warm weather when turning on the oven doesn't feel like an option.  I often wrap up my leftover salad from the night before -- after it's had a chance to fully marinate -- and I am consistently amazed by what a delicious spring roll lunch this makes.

So that's it.  That's my secret no-cook recipe.  I hope you enjoy it, perhaps share it with a friend, and remember that nourishing yourself doesn't have to be complicated or boring.  We just need to have skills that work and the reminder to use them during our busiest moments. 

With that, I'm off with Poncho.  Please have yourself a very lovely week and let me know if I can be of any service to you!