Managing Your Own Feelings

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This might be my most "duh" post ever, but I want to share something that feels revolutionary to me (lest it might rock someone else's world too). 

As a result of a few current life experiences, I've been learning a lot more about emotional intelligence. Before, I intellectually understood that it was a good thing to listen to my emotions but I so often didn't trust them, especially when they conflicted with what other people wanted or thought. I tried to drop all angry, sad or scared feelings before I even understood them. I thought this made me evolved but I now know that this is called "spiritual bypass." 

Now, by courageously feeling and trusting my feelings, I realize that I can let them go but only after I learn from what they are telling me. I'm learning that it's ok to feel differently from other people and express that, even if it means admitting I am hurt or angry or disconnected.

And instead of alienating everyone, my relationships are getting so much better - especially the one with me. 

Again, this might be stupidly simple but with habit change, I think it's a good idea to start in an incredibly basic way. For me, that means embracing how I feel, trusting that it's right and giving others space to do the same.