New home, new beginnings

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We made it! We moved! Our bodies and belongings and pets now live under one roof of a house that gazes out to this backyard. 

It's been a very imperfect move. Our new house was filthy when we got here so we've had to deep clean as we go. Our pets (Poncho and Dinah) are very unsocialized with each other and need to be separated, which puts us all on edge. Even the beautiful backyard is filled with poison ivy! Plus boxes, so many boxes, to unpack and our energy reserves are shot. 

It's all very stressful and my self-care routines are uprooted as well. The only thing that helps right now is beauty. A cup of coffee in my favorite mug, Paul Simon on the record player, the gorgeous Blessingway ceremony that dear Nic gifted me this weekend. 

My friend Louise told me about a John O'Donohue quote that reminds us that beauty is strong enough to hold us through our vulnerability. 

As I transition so deeply into this new life that is both so messy and so full of promise, I will be calling on beauty (especially the beauty of friendship) often to pull me close, brush my hair back, and remind me of my strength. It's the simple fuel that keeps me going. For this moment, it's all I need.