Opening a New Chapter

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Poncho and I are gearing up for our move in two weeks! Honestly, I'm dreading it - I hate moving - but also I'm really excited for what's on the other side of all those cardboard boxes. 

Last weekend, I hosted the Self Care 101 retreat. As always, it was an incredible weekend of radical honesty, feminine strength and deep inspiration (and really good chocolate cake). 

Now I'm back and it's on to the next thing. I've noticed that I make little milestones in my mind -- "I can relax after the fundraiser or after the retreat or after the move or after the baby is born (?!)." The truth is that the stresses of life never end and I can choose to delude myself or to relax right in the middle of them. 

So with that, I sit in the morning with coffee and my book; I do forward folds by candlelight before getting into bed. 

Self-care isn't a way out, it's the way through. It gives me what I need to keep taking risks and opening my heart. It fuels me to keep going through this big crazy, beautiful life of steadiness and constant change.