DMV Story, Part 2: Empowerment

Omg I have such a crazy full-moon continuation of the DMV story I shared in my last post! 

The the summary of the first story is that last week a guy cut in front of me, was really rude when I confronted him and I left the DMV in tears. On the surface it was annoying but underneath our interaction really shook me in a way that I couldn't articulate. I kept thinking about this guy and why he would act that way. It was so unsettling that I started prayed for some kind of resolution. 

Well, last night I got it! Micah Haskell-Hoehl and I were walking near U St and passed a ramen place with outdoor seating. The guy was sitting right there having dinner! After a little pep talk, I decided to go over, introduce myself and tell him my experience of our encounter. He looked so surprised but remembered me and genuinely seemed to listen as I explained how vulnerable it felt to be pregnant and how hurt I was by our interaction. Then his girlfriend turned around and got upset with me! At that point I was done and walked away. 

At first I was shaky - the whole thing felt so vulnerable - but then I started to feel awesome. The biggest lesson I got was that even if we choose to ignore it, we still live in a community. Our illusion of anonymity can make us think there is no accountability and act in inhumane ways. Remembering that we can easily run to each other again - even in a big city like D.C. - could shift some perception on his part. Or maybe not. 

From my end, it was empowering to speak to him in a calm, direct way and the synchronicity of the whole encounter made me feel something larger at work. Is the story over yet? I have no idea but, as always, I'm open to learning more.