How to Care for the Caregiver with Caregiving Consultant Elizabeth Miller

So many of us out there are struggling under the weight of caregiving for children, parents or both children and parents (hello sandwich generation!).  In this conversation with Certified Caregiving Consultant Elizabeth Miller, we delve into why caregiving is so hard and how utilizing self-care can help even the most over-extended caregiver find real relief. 

Elizabeth and I both share our real life experiences of caring for sick and dying parents, and the ways we worked through our exhaustion, social isolation and the feelings of selfishness that arise when caregiving feels like too much.  We talk about how to let yourself be an imperfect caregiver, the new habits caregivers must adopt and the ways to find support from others who know what you've been through.

Enjoy and share this important conversation so we can all learn how to use self-care to more effectively show up for each other during the inevitable hard moments of life. 


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