Settling Down

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Oh my sweet Poncho! His dog beard is always good but sometimes it's just so GOOD. 

Everything has been settling down even further. The dog and the cat can mostly sit in the same room with each other without commotion (usually Poncho getting too close and Dinah, the cat, hissing and Poncho getting shy and trying to hide his head. It's like a schoolyard romance!). 

We are also in the final countdown to have this baby! He probably won't come until later in August but it's crazy to think he could be here any day. My nesting instinct is strong and when I can't sleep in the middle of the night (sleeping while pregnant can be hard!), my mind wants to arrange the nursery, figure out daycare, program in my future self-care time. 

I watch my mind and laugh. How could I plan all this out? Isn't the point that I couldn't possibly know? I know what I want to get done each day and when it's time to rest and when my body needs food. 

I know there's a pair of doves that have built a scraggly nest on the pillar of our front porch. They seem to switch off with each other daily and then sit, unblinking and calm, on their eggs. 

They are the best role models I could imagine right now. I must wait and decide how I want to react to all the layers of anxiety that come up, knowing many of my reactions are probably optional. Nature has this one. I feel held by that force which also includes you all -- your love and support. More than ever I know I am not doing this alone.