Playing the Waiting Game

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Welcome to my first abridged maternity newsletter posting! I hope these little snippets of my adventures in babeland help us keep in touch and inspire a bit of gentle self-care in your life.

Another week has come and gone, and this baby remains in my belly. Technically he was due on the eclipse, but most first time mamas give birth at least a week late. 

Normally, I would be itchy to stick to our planned timetable, yet I'm surprised by how relieved I am to have a little extra time. I've been so busy getting ready and finishing up last-minute tasks. Always an overachiever, I've been doing a touch more than might be necessary.

Plus, a whole lot has been stirred up in my life and in the world in these past weeks. I need a little extra time to integrate all of these complicated thoughts and feelings. My sense is that once I do, they'll be great fuel for labor.

The main lesson of my life has been learning that I'm not in charge nor need to be. I desperately want to control everything - politics, weather, all other people - but almost always suffer when I do. It's like life is laughing at me and telling me to go take a nap.

Surrendering, softening, and forgiveness give me the space to respond lovingly to whatever arises. These self-care tools help me to be friendly to myself, kind to others and open to life on life's terms. They help me to find creative solutions and give me the energy to put them into action.

This is the way I would like to give birth and the way I want to be a mother. So much so, I'm willing to settle down and wait patiently for the next part to happen when it's good and ready.