Trusting the Process

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I took this picture yesterday morning (much sunnier than this current rainy one we are having in DC). Weighing in at 38 weeks, I think this'll be the last belly shot I'll share. 

These final weeks are intense! It's physically challenging, which I expected but also my brain feels fundamentally different - equal parts extreme nesting mentality and then just floating off into space. 

A week ago I was in tears at that thought of actually going through labor, but last night it felt doable, even something I am excited about. I'm extremely curious to meet this babe who spends so much time shifting about in my womb. We are so close but I don't know what he looks like! 

I'm also curious to meet myself as a mother. I imagine I'm going to like it (mostly) but there's no real way to know until he comes. There are so many unknowns! 

I've written a lot about trust during this pregnancy - trusting the process, Mother Nature, myself. There's a lot of connection in this experience of gestation and then also so much wild aloneness. I'm inspired by so many other mothers out there but I also know that for this motherhood thing to work I have to drawn inward and trust myself in a whole new way. This means being even fiercer in my practice of self-love and letting everything else fall where it may. As a control freak, this is terrifying but as a woman, a committed human being, it's immensely liberating. 

So I ask you, where can you be fiercer in your love, what can fall away as a result, how can you hold yourself in that tender aloneness that means you are truly becoming yourself in this world?