Happy 10 days of life to Jonah!

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In this time we've gotten the hang of breastfeeding (which I think is the most amazing human process - repairs my postpartum body as it builds his), had a beautiful eighth day of life ceremony created and led by our friend Hannah where Jonah was welcomed with a foot-washing ritual and blessings from our immediate family, and discovered that Jonah has the alter ego of a starving pterodactyl (oh the crying fits when he's overwhelmed and tired).

The biggest surprise is that so far, this guy can sleep for four hour stretches at night so we are getting more sleep that expected.

We've also had a lovely stream of relatives helping us with eating and laundry and a few beautiful meals dropped off on our doorstep by friends.

It's an edge to receive so much but it's also so inspiring to watch the generosity of our community in action.

Micah has also been a dream - making me oatmeal, running my baths, changing diapers like a champ. I knew my life would change dramatically the moment I gave birth, but I figured that process would be more about me struggling through the wilds of mothering on my own.

Again, it's this idea of fierce independence that our capital-driven culture demands and the damage it causes to our psyches.

So far my process involves softening to receive, taking time to rest and heal, and telling myself over and over again that I am worthy of support and care.

Because if I am not worthy then I send the message that no mothers or caretakers are worthy and everyone, mostly these sweet innocent babes, will suffer.

So today I will embrace rest, snuggle Jonah and believe this could lead to the change I want to see in this world.