It's So Worth The Wait


First, check out my crazy crazy birth story here.

And photos! Yesterday was all lounging around in a bear hat listening to the rain. He's so sweet and sleepy! Well, that is except for when I want to take a bath or nap or lay down for bed - then it's obviously time to nurse. 😏

Overall this is a pretty dreamy moment of life. The idea of postpartum rest is to do as little as possible for three to six weeks (or the fourth trimester so it's called). This gives my body a chance to heal - which it needs as labor takes its toll - and a chance for us to learn to nurse and bond as a family.


Maybe even deeper than that is giving ourselves all time to integrate so many huge changes. Keeping things as chill as possible is what we all need to figure out this new way of life. Doing less means we can feel more.

The fourth trimester is about creating a womb outside of the womb - soft light, soft music, nourishing foods. I'm still thinking of everything happening on the outside - the heartbreak of DACA and Irma on the heels of Harvey and the many very challenging issues we are collectively facing right now - and yet know my option is to go more internal. I think one can definitely serve the other and I'm using this time to feel more deeply into how and why that is.

With that, thank you for all of your amazing messages. They mean so much and we feel the love. Hope you are feeling it right back as you read this. ❤️