What Is Surprising Me About Motherhood

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I hope this message finds you well as we step into the fall equinox tomorrow. This is a moment of reconnecting to ourselves and refocusing on our values as we face yet another transition of life.

Transitions have never been as apparent as right now. Somehow more than two weeks have passed since Jonah was born. It seemed very long - particularly those nighttime hours and minutes when he doesn't want to go back to sleep.

And also the time has just flown. He's bigger and fuller than even a few days ago. Huge changes are happening, when I take the time to look for them.

This is the biggest challenge of motherhood so far. How can I stay present for the magical growth of this little babe? Especially in a world that is pleading for my constant distraction, how do I slow down enough to really see the magic in front of me?

Herein lies the biggest surprise of motherhood: it's way simpler than I thought it would be. Where I imagined incredible complexity, becoming a parent has pared my life down to the barest essentials.

Self-care means taking a shower and brushing my hair once a day. Whatever foods people generously leave on the doorstep are the perfect nutrition for us. Crying is the ultimate distresser, for the baby and for me.

There's little that needs to be done that isn't in the here and now. When I get ambitious, I drown. Staying present and curious, I swim.

I can work with this, even if my brain often tells me differently. Working with this is actually opening my heart in the most beautiful ways.

(Thank you, Jonah for that and so much more.)

So as we begin this new season tomorrow, I step forward with more humility and clarity than ever.

It's my first fall as a mother. I care less about disappointing others than ever. I am learning a whole new strength.

And you, my dear? What are you stepping forward into tomorrow? What do you most desire and what guides your way?

Can you believe in yourself and all of your amazing power that can be hard to describe and still feel so real?

That belief in ourselves and the presence to remember it is the magic. It's up to us to access it and to stay with it, especially when the path is hard.

It's there waiting for us. The access point is self-care, the real and gentle kind, the type all of us deserve.