My New Years State Of Mind

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Ok, I probably spent a little too much time playing with FB filters over the break, but hey, fun is fun. 

Ok, so the Holidaze are over! Whew. It was a mostly joyful season here as we celebrated for the first time together. We landed in Asheville for the new year, visiting the grandmas (did you know that my mom lives there and Micah’s Mom is moving there this fall? It’s another crazy twist of fate.) 

We spent New Year’s Day driving back to DC. My job was to sit in back and crinkle plastic bags to calm the babe and Micah’s job was to navigate the frigid highways. Jonah just had to what he needed to do. Somehow we made it home and tumbled into bed at midnight, which we had not even seen the night before. 

The next day, we had to put our house back together - unpacking, laundry, shopping - and get Micah ready to go back to work today. I also wanted to do 25 things to get ready for the Self Care 101 launch on Sunday and Jonah wants to be carried with my full attention upon him all the time. 

It all felt like so much and I was putting extra pressure on myself to make sure it all happened. Predictably, I collapsed into tears by evening. 

After crying into Micah’s shoulder for a while, I called a good friend. “You sound exhausted,” she said. “I don’t feel tired,” I started. Then I checked in with myself. “Oh yeah, I’m really tired.” I was moving so fast I had forgotten to feel. 

I made the decision to close my laptop and take a bath with candles. When I emerged, Micah had gotten Jonah to take a nap and we ate instant pot kitchari (soothing Ayurvedic porridge) while watching that darling British baking show. 

Last night, I slept deeply and this morning I feel softer about everything. Sure, there are piles of laundry on the floor and many emails to be answered. But Jonah is snoozing on my belly and I have a moment to write this and I think everything is going to be ok, maybe even great, in this new year.