Chasing Jonah

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I spent yesterday chasing Jonah around our house while listening to the hearing on NPR. I listened all day long and felt my complete range of feelings - both devastated for and so proud of Dr. Ford (and all those who are sharing their stories right now and all those who are not), and then so appalled by Kavanaugh’s righteous indignation and the way the politicians used this experience of sexual trauma to further their own aims.

It was a lot on so many levels. In facilitation training, I’ve heard that the best way to work with complexity in a group is to just keep naming the complexity. So I just kept saying that to myself yesterday: this is a lot.

Because to me, this isn’t just a story of he said, she said. Rather, it’s a story of he said/she said which is being appropriated by our two-party political system as a way to manipulate and increase the divisiveness of our country. And the outcome of this particular political fight is a seat on the Supreme Court which has the ability ban legal abortions which would be a devastating impact of women’s well-being,(which has a huge impact on our collective well-being).

Adding another layer, it’s important to say that Dr. Ford is a white woman which means in our society she is seen as in need of protection - and I think why she was not directly questioned by the Republicans - which I don’t think would have been the case if she were black.

Again, this is all complex. Part of me wants to stick my head in the sand, but most of me knows that this is not the society I want to pass along to Jonah.

As I chased him around the house, giggling and squealing, I knew that what I was hearing on the radio wasn’t how it has to be as we move forward. Rather, we can make a new world out of who we chose to listen to, what we are brave enough to believe and how this informs our actions in this world.