Want to Practice Self-Care Without Just Buying More Stuff? Check Out the Next Free Section in My Upcoming Book "Selfcarefully"

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Hello Loves!

It’s been such an exciting December! Over the past couple of weeks, I….

I want to thank you all for your support of Selfcarefully and of my work in general! It’s been an awesome and humbling experience of life to receive so much support in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I’d also like you to know that you can still preorder your copy of Selfcarefully until our crowdfunding campaign ends on January 3rd.

Two reasons you might still do this even though we are officially funded are:

  1. All people who preorder Selfcarefully will be invited to a very special virtual book “unveiling” where the Selfcarefully team will show off the finished copy of the book and share more about our book-making process, which involved lots of self-care like homemade pizza, good conversation and taking breaks when needed. (I want to note that writing this second book has been SO much easier than writing my first book because of this self-care. If you’re considering writing a book, I highly recommend learning more about our process!)

  2. Although the physical copy will not be ready until this spring, you can still give Selfcarefully as a holiday present. Simply preorder your copy and then print out this beautifully-designed certificate. When the book is ready, we’ll contact you to get your loved one’s address. (And yes, I am aware that I am offering this certificate in tandem with an essay critiquing buying stuff as a form of self-care. Alas, although our book could be considered more “stuff,” we hope these ideas extend far beyond the pages into actual people’s lives, work and relationships.)

With that, here is the next essay from Selfcarefully. In it, I discuss how easily we can get confused about our self-care when we try to practice it within a consumerist society. Unless we live off the grid, our lives are bombarded by daily advertising messages telling us that the answer to our problems is to buy more stuff.

And yet, we know in our hearts that real self-care has to go deeper than just things we can purchase. I believer it’s an immense act of self-care to critique the system that tells us we are never enough, and realize that we can be resilient and joyful without buying a single thing.

Read “Self-care and Consumerism” here.

Next week, I’ll share another Boxing Day-section from Selfcarefully. This one touches on something that is both mundane and profound in how it’s affected my life: oil. Tune in next week to read why adding more oil into my self-care routines has helped heal the feeling that I am not lovable (and made my skin so much happier).

Have a wonderful week! And remember that you’re allowed to take care of yourself, even within the most chaotic family moment or during a lonely-feeling holiday. You can drink water, eat food that you love, go to bed early, and politely refuse to participate in a toxic conversation. Trust yourself to take the right action. You know exactly what you need to do.

With care,