Feeling the Need for Grounding

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Oh what a time we are in! I go in and out of the intensity of my feelings. I’ll listen to the radio and be seething, then hopeless, and after I’ll do some work with my clients and feel full of promise about the world.

It’s important to remember that both are true. The world can be hopeless and full of promise at the same time. (I think because exposing one system for its corruption leaves space for another paradigm to be born.) Still, it’s so intense to hold both as true, mourning one while I get excited about the other.

Within the intensity, I’m feeling the need for grounding. For me this means extra consistency in my daily routines. I’m being careful about when I go to bed (Jonah usually decides when I wake up), and making sure I eat three meals a day.

Cooking is also incredibly grounding for me. Right now, as we creep closer to fall, I’m making one-pot meals like soups and stews. I use fewer dishes and it also feels more nourishing. And I need all the nourishment I can get these days!

I try not to give too much advice, but I do hope you all thinking how you can take extra good care of yourself right now. Tensions are very high, traumas are being relived and the one thing we do have control over is how we care for ourselves (which affects are capacity to care for others).

Then we can show up, the best we can, to enact change and stay steady as we see how this cycle plays itself out.