My First Book

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So, I’ve written another book! It’s called “Selfcarefully” and it’s a collaboration with @thickpress and Maria Habib. This limited-edition risograph-printed book holds all the self-care wisdom I’ve gained over the years.

The first essay is called “Self-care and f*cking it all up” because we want this book to start where other self-improvement books leave off. What happens when life gets in the way? How can we turn these self-care missteps into generative experiences and a more compassionate understanding of ourselves?

This book will teach you to use self-care as a lens to analyze all things, from setting boundaries to eating lunch to talking about racism. We are still putting the book together - the process has been slow and fruitful - but I wanted to keep you updated.

I’ll hopefully have something for you to hold in your hands in early 2019, and I’ll be sharing bits and pieces along the way.

(Some of you may be wondering about my first book. Yes, I finished it a while back and no, I still haven’t figured out how to publish it + promote it while raising a toddler and running my self-care coaching programs. I’d love to hear any advice on publishing! I think the book’s message on cultivating leadership through self-care is more important than ever.)

photo by Maria Habib