My Soul Searching

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Learn how I lost all my baby weight, met my soulmate and moved into the home of my dreams (and how you can too!).

Wait, a sec. Did that sentence just get your attention? If it were a link would you have clicked on it? I probably would have.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing some challenging soul searching when it comes to the ways we market to each other, especially in the wellness/personal development industry. I feel like we are trying to sell each other a fantasy, one where we find the quick fix that solves all of our problems.

My critique of this kind of self-improvement thinking is being inspired by the very-important podcast called “The Dream.” “The Dream” exposes the corruption of multi-level marketing and the many people, usually financially struggling, this business structure exploits.

It’s made me think that we are all just trying to pass off a dream, the dream that we - as individuals and as a collective - are doing ok. It’s the dream that we could ever make the outside look perfect enough that we could end our inner loneliness.

(Want to learn more? Listen to the podcast I recorded with the incredible @richael_faithful_folk_healer where we break it down further - link in the comments).

Truly, the secret that has helped me feel like myself these days is compassionately dealing with my own trauma. As I face my own trauma, I have more capacity to look at how we are suffering as a world.

Particularly, I’ve begun to really understand my country’s practice white supremacy and systematic racism it brings. Learning the real history of whiteness and capitalism is disturbing to say the least. Examining the ways I participate in and benefit from these systems is even more disturbing.

Luckily, I have control over the latter and I’m dedicated to using my time, energy and resources to bring care to all. I can do this healing activism while taking excellent care of myself and helping everyone I meet to do the same. This is the dream I believe in most and want to keep spreading for the rest of my days.

What about you dear one? What far-off dreams of self-improvement are you ready to trade in for the workable self-care of today? How can this self-care not only help you heal as a individual, but show up for the larger healing that is happening in our society?

Because this big healing is happening! It’s painful, but it’s happening. Let’s be part of it. Let’s find a deeper care for all. We can do this.