Is Change Hard for You? Read the Second Free Section of My New Book "Selfcarefully"

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Hello Dear Ones!

First thing: You’re invited to the cozy winter self-care retreat (you know, the one you’ve been craving)! This February 8-10th, I’m leading a self-care immersion weekend in beautiful Charles Town, WV. I only have a few spots that are not promised to current clients, so please let me know if you want to sign up soon! Learn more here.

And now today…

I hope it’s been a most excellent week of coziness and cheer! This time of year - what I like to call the “holidaze” - can be unsettling to our nervous systems, but it’s also so fun to get unsettled sometimes. Here’s to finding the right balance of settled and unsettled in your life right now!

Personally, I am SO grateful and humbled to report that our crowdfunding for Selfcarefully (the collaborative “selfhelpish” book I’m creating along with Maria Habib and Thick Press) is more than three-quarters funded in just about a week! Wow, thank you all for your generosity! It’s amazing to work as a self-care community to turn this dream into a reality.

Today, I’m back with another essay from Selfcarefully. This self-care essay explores how to take care of ourselves during the transitional moments between seasons. Growing up, I wasn’t taught how to transition gracefully through the seasons. Learning Ayurveda has helped me to stay balanced enough in my health to actually enjoy these changes. I’m so excited to share this self-care knowledge with you!

Read “Self-Care and the Change of Seasons” here.

Learning to transition gracefully between the seasons has helped me during other big life changes as well. Now, when I’m going through a difficult transition, I think of how much nature is strengthen by ongoing change. I take a breath, and remember that this change is building my resilience in the most natural of ways.

If you’re inspired by this message of nature-led self-care, please consider preordering your very own copy of Selfcarefully.

My hope is that this collection of beautifully-illustrated, hand-printed essays will help you develop your own authentic lens of self-care. With this lens intact, I have full faith in your ability to artfully navigate the many changes of your life.

Next week, I’ll be back with another taste of Selfcarefully. I’ll share a few thoughts on how to take care of yourself without feeling like you’re just buying more stuff, i.e. “Self-Care and Consumerism.”

Until then, please know how grateful I am for you. Keep shining, keep enjoying, and keep searching for your balance. Even if you never quite find it, the act of trying to find balance is an act of immense self-care.

With care,