A Heartstorm to Feel Beautiful with Skincare Guru Jingo Lewis

If you're having a low moment, listen to this podcast!  In it, I "heartstorm" with Jingo Lewis, the creator of the super natural and yummy Neitra skincare line.  We talk about how our culture leads us astray in our pursuit of looking good and the incredibly simple ways to reconnect to our natural beauty, starting with our skin and moving to every aspect of our being.  In full honesty, I started this conversation in a bit of a funk and Jingo's spirit lifted me right up.  I know it will for you too!

To learn more about Jingo and order the wonderful products from Neitra, visit their website: https://neitrabb.com  

Remember, if you use the code "gracy," you will receive 20% off your order!  (Make sure to get a natural Deo - they are really good!)