I Chose, To Sustain Me And Mine

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Weren’t the windstorms from last week so crazy? After our ER adventure with Jonah, I had been looking forward to a restful weekend. Alas, on Friday the wind took down our power and canceled daycare (also, Micah’s congressional briefing, which he had been working on for months). 

So, we found ourselves tired, disappointed and needing to make a plan before our house got too cold. Micah had a credit on hotelsdotcom and managed to get us a fancy room at the W for $30. 

Normally, I would have been excited - who doesn’t love a fancy hotel? - but the thought of transporting us all downtown while praying we didn’t mess up Jonah’s sleep schedule felt so stressful. I wanted to stick my head in the sand, binge watch TV, eat too many cookies. 

But that wasn’t an option. We needed to move. I took a deep breath, strapped Jonah in the carrier and started to pack us up. My energy picked up and we managed to move, albeit quite ungracefully in the wind, onto the metro and into our room. 

It’s been occurring to me lately, since I don’t have much time to meditate or do yoga, that self-care could be my spiritual practice. It feels strange that something so practical could feed me on that deeper level, but it truly does. 

With self-care, when I do it authentically, I feel more relaxed and more generous with the people in my life. Since these are the aims I have for a spiritual practice, why not self-care? 

If I just changed my framework for what qualifies as “spiritual“ and as “practice”, then I could see I’ve been doing it all along. Ahhh, what a sigh of relief. 

It makes me wonder where else I could shift my thinking and see that I already have what I need. Because what I need most is that feeling of abundance, which I am seeing more and more is a state that I chose, to sustain me and mine, wherever we go.