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Save the date! Attend my FREE Virtual Workshop
On Saturday, March 24th from 3-4pm EST

Self Care 2.0: How to Unstick Your Life
Using Self-Care

Do you feel like you do pretty well with self-care basics but something still isn't clicking?  Do you feel stuck in your life, like you don't know how to move forward?  Do you want help with setting strong boundaries, taking real risks and disappointing other so you can grow?  

This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel like you’re doing everything right, but still aren’t happy
  • You keep struggling with your self-care, even though you “know better”
  • You always feel like you’re falling behind on your to-do list 
  • You measure yourself against your peers and are never “good enough”
  • You can’t seem to make yourself a priority within all the demands on your time

This highly-interactive virtual workshop with Self Care Coach Gracy Obuchowicz will go beyond the basic self-care recommendations of eating a good breakfast and exercising three times a week.  

Together we’ll learn:

  • The biggest misconception about self-care (and how it’s keeping you stuck)
  • The three self-care practices that will move your life forward
  • The super easy way to make sure you’re getting enough self-care, every single day