Wednesday Missive: Self-Care and Transforming FEAR (and how it leads to clarity)

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Hello Loves!

Today, we are experiencing a wintery, wonder-filled moment on the east coast.  For me, that's meant making pancakes (with leftover whey from cooking up a batch of homemade ricotta in the Instant Pot), and lots of time watching the snowfall with my cuddly family. 

I'm also catching my breath after an emotional past few days.  As I wrote about last week, I had been feeling stuck in moving forward with my work.  During this stuckness, I practiced a little self-care and got a little unstuck.  My creativity started flowing again. It felt awesome. 

But then, right after, a lot of tough emotions shot up to the surface - like FEAR! - and once again, I felt pretty paralyzed within them.  

(It really wasn't pretty. You can read more about that here.)

What did I do?  Oh yes, I practiced more self-care.  I cooked nourishing food, saw healing professionals and called upon my support team like never before.  Instead of numbing them, I leaned into the tough feelings and trusted I was strong enough to feel them all.

Then, after a bit of diligent effort, that very scary fear transformed into something incredible: clarity. 

Suddenly, I was very clear about where I needed to go with my business and recognized the many ways this would take my whole life to a new level of creativity and ease.  As soon as I understood where I was going, the resources I needed to make these changes began showing up in my life.  

It's kind of amazing how that happens.  We open up to change and, if it's aligned, life steps in to support our growth.  

With that, I am SO excited for the changes I am getting ready to unveil to you very soon!  Expect massive shifts around here.  All of them will hopefully bring a more accessible, joyful and transformative way for us to deepen our self-care (and unstick our lives) together.

Ahhhh....again, SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!  

Are you curious how to use these same self-care methods in your own life?  Well, I'm going to lay it all out during my FREE webinar for Self Care 2.0: How to Unstick Your Life Using Self-Care this Saturday, March 23rd from 3-4pm EST.  During this transformative hour, I'll share the self-care I used during these tough moments and how you can also get unstuck - right away - using a few simple ideas and tools.

By showing up, you'll learn:

- how to identify when you're stuck (sometimes it's hard to tell)
- the step-by-step process to get unstuck using joyful, accessible self-care
- how to process the feelings - like FEAR! - that come up when we begin to move forward (which is why we usually backslide after we endeavor to make a change)

It's taken me my whole life to learn these self-care lessons. I am delighted to share them with you because I think they work so freaking well to help us find our grounding and purpose in life.  What I learn over and over is that when we take care of ourselves we thrive and are able to serve the world more deeply from that place.  When we don't we get stuck in a rut and feel trapped inside of ourselves (and there's not a lot of service in that). 

Inspired?  Let's do this!  Sign up for the workshop on Saturday and get ready for your life to start moving again.  This is the last reminder I'll send you about it, so make sure to do it now!

(If you can't make it live, please sign up anyway.  I'll send you the recording soon after.)

And now, back to watching the snow fall....

Much love and care to you!


Self-Care Inspiration

On Monday, I attended a group discussion facilitated by Virginia Rosenberg and Richael Faithful based on this piece about untangling white supremacy in spiritual practice.  Our discussion and these ideas have given me a lot to think about and will inform how I move forward in my work.  I recommend that everyone read the piece, and after, find a way to discuss what arises.  Showing up (and looking within) to bring about more racial justice is important work for us all and as I see it, such an extremely necessary form of self-care. was the first cooking blog I used regularly.  Heidi showed me a more natural, veggie-friendly way to cook.  This week, I hopped on again and found this recipe for turmeric-kissed pad thai.  It's really delicious and fairly easy for a weeknight meal. 

The photographs for this article about the women-led efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico are so beautiful and inspiring.  

Also, just sleep.  Jonah's been getting up a little less in the night and I've been packing in more zzzz's.  It's amazing what they do for my mind, body and spirit.  I suggest we all continue getting as much regenerative sleep as we can.