Learning and Growing

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This is us from last week! It’s kinda crazy to think we will reach 70 degrees today. Life can change really fast, right? 

We are almost seven months into this parenting journey and I’m feeling pretty darn proud of us. We’ve survived sleep regressions, starting daycare and the flu that wanted to take us all down. 

Micah and I have had a few tense moments (of course), and through it remain really united as a team. (I have such respect for anyone parenting alone.) We love this little guy so much. 

In myself, I’ve learned that I can do more than I thought, care more than I imagined, and that I can actually learn to enjoy the sometimes empty-feeling space of being home all day with a baby. It’s such a necessary invitation to slow down (which is so hard for me.) 

Deeper, I’m learning that it’s ok to make decisions based on my own self-care needs. Although I teach this stuff, I was still subtly thinking that my choosing self-care would hurt others. Yes, it may disappoint people sometimes, but that’s not the same as hurting them. 

As I heard once, disappointment is the feeling of getting your power handed back to you. It can sting, but it can also set us all free from destructive or draining dynamics. I am free to establish boundaries and others are free to feel the way they feel about them. 

Oddly, knowing this in myself hells me tap into a lot more compassion, for myself and others. We are all struggling with a big load, including a lot of inherited patterns. We’re doing the best we can and gaining awareness with time. We’re slowly finding our way back home.