How to Feel a Whole Lot Better This Spring! (Plus, a FREE Morning Routine Workshop)

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Hello Dearest,

*** First thing, please sign up for my absolutely FREE Create Your Dynamic Morning Routine virtual workshop on April 14th from 3 to 4pm EST.  During our session, you’ll learn how to shift your morning habits to create positive momentum for your entire day.  (Even if you can’t be live, sign up and I’ll send you the recording!) ***

Oh, it’s FINALLY feeling more like spring here in DC!  The cherry blossoms are popping, the breezes are warmer, and there’s a hint of possibility in the air.  Maybe, just maybe, things are working themselves. Perhaps we are ok in this moment.

Right now, I’m taking part in Emerge, a seasonal self-care support circle run by my brilliant healer friend Lauren.  Yes, I decided to practice what I preach and get support in order to re-strengthen my self-care practices after seven postpartum months of taking it easy.  With spring’s arrival, I knew it was time to focus on myself again. As much as the voice in my head told me I could figure it out on my own, I knew working with a group would be SO much easier and more effective.

We are just two weeks in and already I have:

  • Started exercising 20 minutes daily

  • Increased the number of spring-y green vegetables in my diet

  • Added other fun self-care practices to my routine, like putting a touch of cleansing apple cider vinegar in my morning warm water

  • Gotten to bed a full half-hour earlier two nights in a row (tonight will make three!)

Of course, I knew all of these self-care practices are important, especially because we are transitioning to spring (a tricky self-care transition for us all).  I mean, I freaking teach this stuff to other people!

But, I also teach my clients that they need to get themselves a whole a lot of support if they want to make a sustainable change.  I needed someone else, someone as lovely and gentle as Lauren, to hold my hand and re-educate me on how to create a lifestyle of self-care.  

Finally, I knew it wasn’t weak to ask help, and that actually, it was a fiercely strong move for me to admit that I didn’t want to do it on my own.

As we’ve worked together, Lauren has reminded me how easy it is to put aside investing in your self-care during the spring.  As she says, emerging from winter, we are already feeling a little bit better than we have for the past few months. We tell ourselves that feeling a little better is good enough.

For me, I’d like to feel a whole lot better (even though it often takes little bitty changes to add up to feeling a whole lot better).  Investing in my self-care helps me to actually apply what I am learning and affirms my sense of self that yes, YES, I am worth investing in.

Do I think you are worth investing in?  Hell yeah, I do! I’ve seen my clients transform both their inner and outer lives by investing in their self-care.  As a result, they have calmer relationships, have taken on leadership positions, and are finally enjoying the success they’ve been working to build for so long.

This spring, I challenge you to invest in your own self-care.  This could be a financial investment, a time investment or an emotional investment (Pick one that feels like a risk!).  Start showing up for your self-care and notice how everything around you gets better.

You can invest in yourself by:

  • Calling that potential therapist back and committing to three months of work together

  • Booking a session with a nutritionist and asking him/her to teach you meal-planning

  • Joining the gym that has the pool, because you know you love swimming

  • Asking a few neighbors if they’d like to form a walking group

  • Going back to that place of worship that inspires you, and staying for fellowship


Of course, I want to work with you, too!  If you’re feeling inspired to invest in yourself and really focus on your self-care, please consider joining my VERY LAST EVER Self Care 101 group.  

(If you haven’t heard, I’m switching to a new membership model this fall - I hope you will become a member! - to bring this self-care work to a new level for us all.)

For this last session of Self Care 101, a group of committed women (the women who already have joined for this round are so wonderful!) will take a full self-care journey and emerge with life-changing results.  By joining, you’ll learn how to create energizing daily routines, dissolve your inner blocks toward self-care and receive whole-hearted support from an amazing circle of ladies. At the end, we’ll culminate our work in a DC-based celebratory retreat!

As a result of your investment, you will finally be living a life of self-care and also be able to understand your bigger purpose (yes, you have one!) in a whole new way.  Personally, I’m very excited to see what that is!

Because this last session is so important to me, if you join, you will also receive:

  • Six FREE months in my new self-care membership program beginning in September (a ~$250 value)

  • Free admission to one of the self-care short courses I’m leading this summer (topics may include: self-care and imposter syndrome, self-care and having difficult conversations, self-care and understanding your anger) (a $97 value)

  • Discounts on my future self-care workshops and retreats, oh yeah!


“I was drawn to working with Gracy because years of ‘trying to fix’ myself had never really seemed to yield deep and sustainable results. I would feel better for a short while, and then fall back into the same destructive patterns. I first expected to learn improved eating habits, a daily routine that would keep me feel refreshed, and more about the philosophy underlying yoga, but I have gained so much more. Yes, I certainly now am equipped with an arsenal of knowledge about how to eat, rest, play and exercise that makes me feel more focused at work and has translated to better skin, happier days and less sleepless nights. But I have so much more. I have a sustained daily practice that nourishes my body and soul; I have deepened my relationships with friends and family, and made new ones along the way; I have gotten to know myself and am more empowered to pursue my dreams.” -- Sarina A.


To join, please fill out this application and schedule a 30-minute free chat with me.  I’m closing admission on April 20th, so schedule a chat with me soon to be considered!  Again, this is the last time I am offering this invaluable self-care information in this super-supportive group format.  If you want to work directly with a small group on your self-care, this is the moment!

Are you curious what working on your self-care looks like?  Sign up for the free Create Your Dynamic Morning Routine webinar.  I’ll share my favorite morning self-care tips and coach a few of your biggest morning self-care blocks.  Sign-up now!

With that, I wish you a wonderful transition to spring!  Eat your greens, drink a little vinegar if you are bold, and don't forget that now is the perfect time to invest in your self-care.  A little focused effort now will reap so many benefits in the seasons that follow.

With care,


Self-Care Inspiration

My wonderful astrologer friend James Moran is offering a magical workshop that looks like it will offer loads of insight to all of us seekers out there.  I also recorded a podcast with James last summer and learned a lot about astrology!

Oooh, I love this Pineapple profile of Thip Khao (amazing Laotian food in DC) lady chef Seng Luangrath.  Admittedly, I’m a sucker for wanting to know what’s in everyone’s fridge, medicine cabinet and purse!

I’m very excited about self-care illustrator Mari Andrew’s new book!   

Also, do you know my morning routine was almost featured in Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander’s upcoming My Morning Routine book?  (It was cut at the last edit.  I’m still incredibly honored to have been considered.) It’s a compilation of the favorite morning routines featured on their inspirational website (they shared my morning routine last year).  I just received an early copy and flipping through it, I’m already inspired.  

During his 1A interview last week, Tom Peters inspired me by saying the best way to grow your business is to value people.  I couldn’t agree more.

Has everyone started watching “Wild Wild Country”?  While we were sick last weekend, Micah and I got through it, and wow, just wow - what an evocative story!  If you want to discuss further, check out this thread and please add your thoughts.