My Self-Care Evolution

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This is me, one year into motherhood. (Also, this is me after another fantastic haircut from @jeanjekal 💜). 

Yesterday I promised more on mama self-care and I want to start by saying this is just what works for me, based on my needs, proclivities and resources. Self-care is rarely one-size-fits all, and that’s both the beauty and the challenge of it! 

So for me, my self-care has evolved over these past 12 months. After giving birth, self-care meant rarely leaving my bed for two weeks and allowing others to take care of me even when I wanted to do it all myself. Later, self-care meant giving myself grace as I rockily adjusted back to working again, and making time for long baths while Jonah was at daycare when it all felt like too much. 

Now that I’ve found a pretty good rhythm for my work days (Jonah is home with me twice a week), my self-care consists of a lot of meal planning (three good meals a day is so grounding for me), and some creative multitasking to meet a few needs at once. I love talking to friends on the phone while strolling with Jonah and folding laundry while listening to a podcast (recently love “Unruffled” by Janet Landsbury - respectful parenting revolution!). 

Taking time with my partner Micah is also essential (more on this tomorrow). 

I’m also always working to let myself feel complex feelings, engage in difficult conversations, and show up for social justice in the ways I know how (and investing in education so I can learn how to show up more). 

All of this is quite a balance between myself and others, between joy and grief, between allowing and resisting. It’s a intricate dance, and although I always feel pretty challenged by the art of being a human, I’m very happy to be alive and caring for my people and helping envision the next stage of our world.