Self-Care for Having Conversations About Racism with Reba Thomas and Elsa Duré

Can you imagine having a conversation about racism that is both challenging and enjoyable? 

Do you think there is a place for love when diving into such difficult topics? 

Listen to this podcast with my self-care co-facilitators Elsa Duré and Reba Thomas, and learn how a group of women from our community went through a powerful conversation series about racism.  (Note, we have a few tech issues in the podcast, but please keep going with it - it's just such a rich conversation!).

Then, check out the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement for Beautiful Life Self-Care (this was inspired by a transformational course I took with the brilliant Adaway Group). 

This focus on anti-racism is part of my continuing effort to recreate Beautiful Life Self Care as a business that inspires and protects the self-care of all people. 

Are you interested in this work? Sign up for the waiting list for the Beautiful Life Collective, my upcoming membership program that will help us find the balance between caring for ourselves and caring for our world.