A Radiant Beginning - a Motherhood Self-Care Immersion, 4/1 to 5/26


A Radiant Beginning - an Eight-Week Motherhood Self-Care Immersion

What self-care helps you find a workable, enjoyable experience of motherhood?

Or, are you struggling to even know what self-care means right now?

How do you know the balance between caring for yourself and caring for others?

Or, do you usually feel tipped way in one direction and it's wearing you down? 

Are you able to tell yourself an empowering narrative about being (or becoming) a mother? 

Or, does even thinking about your motherhood journey feel stressful or disappointing? 

For those of you who are struggling, I want you to know you're not alone. This mothering work is HARD, by far the hardest work I've ever done. We mother without important support from our government and often, without support from our extended families. Even with a strong emphasis on my self-care, I still feel at my personal limit most days.

For you who are struggling, you can get support. For you, I've created a new motherhood self-care program which will debut on April 1st. It's called A Radiant Beginning. 

With A Radiant Beginning, I will help you transform your experience of motherhood. Ten mothers will join together in a small, intimate circle of support for eight weeks of in-depth self-care training and support. Some of these women will be preparing for childbirth and others will already be in the throws of caring for young children. Together, we'll learn the self-care that we need to not only survive this period of life, but to thrive as mothers and women.  

Because, it's only when we're thriving ourselves that we are able to inspire our children and our families to thrive for themselves. We teach, not with our words, but by our example. When we practice excellent self-care for ourselves, we will teach others how to do the same. (And we get to enjoy the whole process!)

Are you interested in finding this kind of mama-specific self-care support for yourself? Are you ready to transform your experience of motherhood into one of true self-care and real joy?

This April 1st through May 26th, consider joining a motherhood self-care immersion to help you deepen and enjoy your experience of motherhood through the power of self-care. 

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