“Getting Free with Ayurveda” - Free Class on July 19th!

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Join me for a free class on July 19th...

Are you drawn to the revolutionary wisdom of Ayurveda? 

Do you wish your wellness practice could help you create a more socially just world? 

The ancient science of Ayurveda has the secrets to unlock your personal wellbeing. It also has the tools for creating a more socially just world.

Are you curious how these two fit together? Sign up for the free call "Getting Free with Ayurveda" on Friday, July 19th at 12pm ET ** and learn so much more!

*** If you can't be live for the call, you'll be sent the recording soon after!

During this call, you'll learn:
- The one aspect of Ayurveda that will make or break your well-being and the well-being of our world.
- The most powerful way to cultivate your own health while creating transformative community in your life.
- How to practice this ancient eastern science within a modern western life, even when you feel too busy for this kind of self-care.
- And so much more!

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