My Journey to India

I'm on layover in Germany with these lovely ladies! We finished the first of three long legs of travel. The journey is so long that we have no choice but to relax into it, care for ourselves within the lack of sleep and weird food. My self care so far: a fuzzy blue neck pillow, homeopathic jet lag pills, rosewater spray, asking the attendant to fill my water bottle with warm black tea, splitting half a peanut butter honey sandwich my mom brought from home, a little yoga in the airport.

Mostly I'm digging our travel crew and am feeling supported as we move ahead and beyond. — at Frankfurt Airport.

Wrangle Your Anger Video Series - Week #3

This is my last week in India! I'm publishing these posts before I leave so I have no idea what I am doing right now.  I'm probably drinking chai if I had to guess :) As I travel back to the States, take a moment and watch the final video in my Wrangle Your Anger Video series.  In it, I teach you how to use your anger to confront someone with clarity and skill.   I was never taught how to use anger and my confrontations were always so messy.  With these tools, I am learning to use anger to create important change while strengthening my relationships.

How are you viewing anger these days?  Can you imagine that it can be a positive tool when used well?  Comment below and let us know.  Let's all practice using our anger skillfully with gentleness and imperfection.  There is so much to learn from this powerful emotion!

Wrangle Your Anger Video Series - Week #2

As I retreat to India, I thought you all might like to know a few tangible skills on how to use anger with grace.  Check out this video and think about the first thing you do when you are angry. Could you give yourself a moment to write and feel your feelings before stuffing them down or confronting someone else?  What kind of space would that open up for you?

Comment, share and help us all to get in touch with the powerful, life-changing energy of anger.

India Bound

India BoundI'm leaving today for India! I'll be leading a retreat at an Ayurvedic yoga clinic with seven amazing ladies (including my mom). I'm up early, packing and pondering what will have shifted when I return after two deep weeks of internal work on many different levels.

Seven years ago I went to India and it was intense. The experience rocked my world in ways that I still don't understand. It was beautiful and all for my growth but honestly it's only in the past year that I even wanted to go back.

Then one morning last January I woke up with a hunger for her beauty and this trip was born.

Now my bag is packed! I'm excited and nervous.

I'm ready to learn and ready to lead. I love the ladies coming with me. I feel a great blessing holding us all. We'll be taking you with us on some level. This is it!