Dear one,

How are you feeling?  Do you know that's the most important question?

If self care doesn't make you feel good then it's not self care.

But there is a big caveat to that. True self care has to make you feel good the next day. This means that a big bowl of ice cream at the end of the day doesn't qualify. Because although it may feel good to eat that ice cream in the moment, you're going to wake up feeling heavy and sluggish.

But I hear you, life is hard. Even when we work so hard on our own habits, we still have to deal with the habits of those closest to us. These habits affect us much more than we think!

Picture this. You've had a rough day but you managed to take care of yourself pretty well. You recognized these sh*tty voices in your head when you got that feedback at work. You flipped your self care and actually left your desk for lunch.  It's imperfect but it's working and you feel good about yourself. Go you!

Then you go meet your friends for dinner and they are already two cocktails in and are ordering deep fried things that smell delicious. The voice in your head says "You've had a hard day, why not join in..."

This is such a common place where we all get stuck in our self care that I decided to devote my last video in the What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care video series to learning to deal with FOMO.

There are such deep psychological reasons for going along with the crowd that we need to understand if we really want to make a self care breakthrough.

If you really want to change then watch the fifth and final video in the What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care series here.

What happens when you change your habits but your friends don't?  How can you take more conscious leadership in your social life?  This video breaks down FOMO (fear of missing out) and how to consciously replace it with the experiences you desire.

Today is the last day of the video series. I hope you've learned something new and feel empowered to make your self care a top priority. If you don't make the decision to put yourself first then it simply won't happen.

Now that you know how to move past the roadblocks of self care, how should you practice it? Did anyone ever teach you how to take care of yourself? (No one ever taught me and the lessons I've learned are too priceless to keep to myself)

If you are inspired, then you are ready. If you are ready, then let's talk. This is the last chance to take advantage of a FREE 30 minute coaching session with me (a $125 value).

I live for seeing change and I will help you get there. Take the next step and see what is truly possible in your one beautiful life. See if there is a free session left now!

Again, you are so important and deserve to be treated with utmost care.  I'm here for you, sending much love and believing immensely in your worth.

With care,


Watch Video 5/5: Figuring Out FOMO