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More of what you may wonder? More work/life balance, a better relationship with your own body, more enjoyment of all that success you've worked so hard for in your life. It's ok, you are allowed to want those things!

Personally, I'm so excited to get to help you deepen your own self care so you can feel lighter, find balance and finally begin enjoying your beautiful life.

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As a self care coach, I've guided the transformation of many lives and witnessed miraculous results. I've seen the weight fall off and the depression slip away and joy shine in through the cracks.

From this vantage point, I can attest that you completely deserve to enjoy your life. It doesn't have to be a struggle to get there, but it means letting go of our self-sacrifice and replacing it with self-love.

I know self-sacrificing story well. The truth is that we are all in the same boat. We learned to make everyone else happy at an early age and then continued that pattern as we became adults. We pushed ourselves to the limit pursuing perfection in our education and held our breath as we landed the best job.

Now we put our work first, feel guilty that we aren't present enough for our families and let alone find time to truly take care of ourselves. No wonder we feel so tired and overwhelmed!

We know we need to take better care of ourselves, but why aren't we? Sure there isn't enough time but perhaps there is something else too...

In my work, I've found the places where we get most stuck in our self care and I created a video series called What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care that addresses these barriers. Plus I give you valuable tips on how to break through them and live a life of greater ease and true joy.

Watch the first video in the What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care series here. Learn how society's expectations confuse your best self care efforts and how reversing your priorities will change everything.

Over the next days, I'll send you four more of these videos. These videos are short (three minutes or less), potent and you will learn a lot.

In the next video, I explain the most destructive lie you tell yourself and how it keeps you feeling stuck and powerless. Once you learn what it is, real self care will be so much easier than you think.

With care, Gracy

Watch Video 1/5: Flip Your Self Care Thinking