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I hope you've been enjoying my What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care video series and you are using these self care tips to: 1) put yourself first, 2) take little steps to create a bigger change and 3) start being your own friend in the process.

Rather than stressing out trying to follow more rules, isn't it better to begin enjoying your beautiful life from right where you are?

But you have to be a little bit careful in the process because you can unknowingly derail even your best self care efforts.

It starts like this: you begin taking action, feel the benefit of this action and actually create a rhythm where you're feeling pretty good.

Then you have a hard day and drink half a bottle of wine. Or eat three pieces of stale birthday cake. Or call that person you are not supposed to call.  The next morning you wake up, feel like crap, and immediately stop all those great, budding self care efforts.

How do I know your story? Because I've lived it out and watched so many other awesome people live it out too. And we all respond in the same way--by giving up on ourselves and going even deeper into our bad habits.

Do you know why this is so sad? Because it's so so UNTRUE. Making mistakes is a big part of any authentic self care journey.  Backsliding is a perfectly normal response when you are seriously endeavoring to change your habits.

Learn more by watching the fourth What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care video here. What do you do when you make a mistake? Do you say f*ck it and give up on yourself? If so, watch this and learn how to keep moving forward.

Again apologies if my potty mouth offends anyone! These are some of the toughest parts of life and need strong words to break them down.

Now let's talk backsliding. I want to hear about your worst backslide so I can put a positive spin on it.  If you haven't grabbed a FREE coaching session with me yet, do it today! Schedule the session and start seeing your willpower in a whole different way. Fix a date. Trust the process. You are worth it.

If you can't see a free date on my calendar, then you can always write me and tell me about your epic backsliding pattern. I'll get back to you with a tested strategy of how to move past your block and into success no matter what you believe about yourself.

Tomorrow I will send you the last video in the series where I break down FOMO (fear of missing out) and how it relates to your social relationships. Until you understand this part of your personality, your self care resolutions will never stick.  Stay tuned!

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