Hello again!

First thing, let's take a deep breath. And then another. Taking care of ourselves doesn't have to be a big production. In fact, trying to do too much too quickly is usually how we self sabotage.

Remember that time when you cut out all flour and sugar AND caffeine and only made to day #2? Remember when you bought that yoga studio pass and vowed to go everyday but after the third class you decided to go to happy hour instead?

We all have stories like this. We tried and, in our minds, we failed. Nobody likes failing so we backed away and started to believe a story that goes something like "I'm just lazy and lack willpower and I might as well eat this brownie..."Did you feel like you were alone in this? I can write about this because I've told myself that same story. But after diving in and really learning the true meaning of self care, I can tell you that it is 100% untrue. In fact, I think it's the most destructive lie we tell ourselves.

It's so untrue AND so widely believed that I made a video to debunk this lie. It's one of the most common places where we get stuck in our self care. Watch and learn the only antidote to this lie--you don't want to miss it.

Watch the second video in the What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care series here. Learn the most debilitating lie you've been telling yourself. Once you recognize it, self care will get WAY easier. Plus, you'll get to see my friend Ricki's adorable puppy Ish in this video which makes everything easier.

Is this kind of blowing your mind? Practicing it is even better!

But you need a plan if you want to practice because I know that knowledge does not equal results. If you haven't scheduled a FREE strategy session with me yet, you should do it now.  I only work with clients who are invested in making authentic change by taking action. If you respond quickly we can connect and create a plan for you that will work. Claim your spot now.

If you can't find a free spot, then you can always write me and tell me how this destructive lie of perfectionism has held you back in your life. I'll reply with a strategy that will make your self care so easy and effective that you can't fail.

Tomorrow I’ll dive into the sh*tty voice in your head (yeah, that one) and how to get it to shut up in the nicest way possible. Stay tuned, stay open.

With care, Gracy