Hi beautiful,

I hope I haven't offended you with the language at the top of this message! It's just that big concepts--like how mean we can be to ourselves--often take strong words to shut them down effectively.

It's just it's taken me years to figure out that I have a sh*tty voice living rent-free in my head. I never invited this voice to be there. My theory is that it lived in my mom's head and her mom's head and on and on until it moved right into mine. Once it gets comfortable, it spend years wreaking so much havoc.

The sh*tty voice in my head tells me that I don't work hard enough, I'm not nice enough, and I have probably gained at least five pounds in this past week. It tells me that everyone else has it "together" and that I am falling behind.  It creates endless amounts of drama in my brain which drains my energy so I can't take action in my life.

Can you relate? I wish someone had told me about this voice years ago because I really thought there was something wrong with me.

In truth, there was nothing wrong with me except I was being hard on myself out of habit. Once I realized what I was doing, it made it so much easier to treat myself with gentleness. As I outline in this video, gentleness is the only way to truly change your habits and your life.

Watch the third video in the What Gets in the Way of Your Self Care series here. We all have that sh*tty voice in our heads that gets in the way of our self care. Learn how to quiet it down so you can make real progress.

I am committed to helping you shut up that sh*tty voice. I've done it for myself and I can help you do it in less time. Because I think it's so important, you should schedule the FREE 30 minute coaching session with me if you haven't done it yet (each session is worth $125). Take advantage of my expertise and schedule a session now.

If you can't find a free date on the calendar, you can always write me and tell me what the sh*tty voice in your head has been telling you today. I'll write back and 1) assure you it's not true and 2) tell you something that is true enough to change your life.

The cool part about all of my hard-won lessons is that I can use my insight to teach you to transform more quickly and with greater ease. It's amazing to watch.  This process is kind of fun and liberating, right? It gets even better!

Tomorrow I'll send you the next video where I explain why making mistakes is really important and how not planning for inevitable backsliding can totally derail even your best self care efforts.

With care,


Watch Video 3/5: How to Shut Up the Sh*tty Voice in Your Head