Self-Care Short Courses

Beautiful Life Self-Care short courses are a great option for those who want to develop a self-care lifestyle while working at their own pace.

These self-led online courses have been curated to help individuals work carefully and effectively through our self-care blocks. You can watch the full beautiful videos or download the audios to your phone and listen while you fold laundry or commute to work. Your subscription to these courses never expires and you can come back to them whenever you need a future shot of self-care.

If you’ve hit a roadblock while trying to practice more self-care (Why can’t I just get up earlier? Why do I keep choosing such self-destructive relationships?), then it might be time to get more support. You don’t have to figure out everything by yourself. You’re allowed to ask for help and these short courses are designed to do just that: help!

Revolutionary Ayurveda Course

Photo by    dylan nolte    on    Unsplash

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

This five-video course will demystify the teachings of Ayurveda so they become immediately applicable in your life. You'll revolutionize your self-care by healing chronic self-destructive behavior, establishing energizing daily and weekly routines, and learning to truly digest your life (body/mind/spirit).

In the Revolutionary Ayurveda Course, you'll learn about:

  • Caring for your unique constitution

  • Healing chronic self-destructive behavior

  • Establishing daily routines and rhythms - life-changing!

  • Learning to digest your life (from food to emotions)

  • Creating a self-care community that helps you grow

  • Using your self-care to serve others and create a more socially just world

  • And so much more!

Watch this free introduction to the course and learn about the power of Ayurveda to transform your relationship with the world. See you in the course!


Self-Care for the Self-Employed

Do you love your work as a entrepreneur, but find your self-care habits are slipping as a result? Have you always dreamed of working for yourself, but get afraid of how the details of being self-employed will affect your self-care?

This self-care course is perfect for anyone who is self-employed, works from home, and/or has trouble making their own schedule. In these four modules, I'll share the self-care I've gleaned in my 10+ years as a self-employed person and simple ways to thrive while navigating the joys and challenges of working for yourself.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • self-care perspectives and practices for handling the financial insecurities of creating your own paycheck.

  • how to put yourself out there, market with great heart, and find the amazing clients who need your work (all while practicing self-care!).

  • ways to set boundaries around your work (no more working every single weekend!) and the best way to create a calm work week for yourself.

  • when it's time to let yourself grow and evolve in your work, even when that change can feel so scary!

Coming October 2019

Self-Care in Relationships Course

Photo by    Jenna Jacobs    on    Unsplash

Does most of your stress coming from issues in your relationships? Do you struggle with authentically expressing yourself and accepting others in relationships?

This self-care course will revolutionize the way you approach relationships. By learning the self-care that will help you thrive in your most important relationship (with yourself!), you'll learn the self-care that's necessary for relational peace with everyone else in your life.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • the self-care perspectives that will help you accept yourself, warts and all, and everyone else in your life.

  • how to distinguish the boundaries you need to feel your best in relationship and skillfully communicate your needs to the people who matter most to you.

  • self-care techniques for handling conflict, including when to dig in deeper in tough relationships and when to let go.

  • and so much more!

Coming November 2019