Work with Me

Hello my dear, how busy you are!  You're getting ahead in your career and so many people are relying on your strength.  

From the outside your life looks great, but what about on the inside?  Is overwhelm taking over?  Are you struggling to find work/life balance?  Would would it take to actually enjoy your own success?

I'm so glad you're here.  I understand your overwhelm because I’ve been there too. I’ve felt burdened by my never-ending to-do list, woken up with racing thoughts, and struggled to set boundaries.

Through it all, I knew there had to be an easier way to live.  I searched near and far for answers and found what actually works.  The secret is self care.  I’ve coached hundreds of professional women, just like you, as they transformed their lives through simple self care practices.

I offer accelerated one-on-one and group lifestyle coaching program.  These programs are highly-supportive, deeply-inspiring and will create a life-changing shift in your life. 

As a result of our work together, you'll learn to

  • create essential boundaries around your diet & sleep
  • change your life experience from overwhelm to enjoyment
  • take much better care of your family as you lead by example with self care



Self Care 101:

Join my group coaching ten week habit change class!  Learn the essentials of joyful self care in a highly-supportive environment.  Find out how to access your true power as a woman. 

VIP Coaching:

Work 1-1 with me for six months. I'll become your self care fairy godmother and guide you with patience and love through your self care blocks.  Expect a whole new relationship with life!