Work with Me


Hello my dear! 

I know how busy you are.  You're balancing so many things and all those people are relying on you. 

From the outside, everything is going fine. You're managing, right? But what about inside?  Is the overwhelm taking over?  Are you struggling to find work/life balance?  Within all the busyness, do you wish your life and work had a deeper meaning?

I'm so glad you're here.  I understand your overwhelm because I’ve been there too. I’ve felt burdened by my never-ending to-do list, woken up with racing thoughts, and struggled to set boundaries.  I also watch the news with an aching heart and wished I could do more to help.

I've always believed there was an easier, more meaningful way to live. I searched for years to learn to both enjoy my life and be of service to the world.  The secret is self-care.  I’ve coached hundreds of successful women and many organizations to find real meaning, all through simple self-care practices.

I offer an inspiring community-based membership program and tailored organizational self-care workshops.  These programs are highly-supportive, deeply-inspiring and will create a life-changing shift for all who participate. 

As a result of our work together, you'll learn to:

  • create essential boundaries around your time and energy
  • believe in yourself (goodbye imposter's syndrome!)
  • change your life experience from overwhelm to enjoyment
  • find real meaning in your work and be of service to others



The Beautiful Life Collective:

Join our community-based self-care membership program!  Learn the essentials of real self-care in a highly-supportive, inspirational environment.  Find out how to access your true power as a woman, find real work/life balance, and be of service to your community and our world. 

Organizational Self-Care Coaching:

Work with me to create a real culture of self-care in your organization. I'll help you and your staff to build resilience as we work through the self-care blocks that cost time and energy.  Expect a lot of change from this experience!

If you are interested in organizational self-care coaching, please write me and we can schedule a 30-minute free consultation.