Self Care Workshops for Businesses

Gracy facilitating a group workshop.jpg

Are you working so hard toward your mission that you’re burning out as individuals? Does this collective burnout translate to costly staff turnover rates and other missed opportunities?

Join the movement of forward-thinking organizations who are factoring self-care into the equation. Creating an intentional culture of self-care not only helps each individual on your team to thrive, but it also saves your workplace valuable resources. Taking time to build a strong foundation of self-care makes your organization more attractive to the most talented new employees and the most innovative donors.

Invite Gracy to facilitate a dynamic, effective self-care workshop that will change the way you and your team understand self-care. She will teach you what self-care is and what self-care ISN’T (the difference is subtle but vitally important) and how to begin practicing self-care today. After just a short time with your organization, everyone will leave with a changed perspective for how to care for themselves both at work and at home.

After our initial workshop, there are also opportunities to invest in a longer workshop series. These transformational sessions will teach your staff effective communication, cultivate emotional intelligence, and create a culture of respectful, proactive engagement in your workplace.

Lee Montessori Public Charter School (who is in year three of their self-care workshop series with Gracy) has this to say about our work together:

In order to have a sustainable career in helping others, you must start by taking care of your own needs first. Gracy’s self care program at LMPCS has impacted our staff collectively and individually. She is focused on supporting our staff’s physical, social, and emotional well-being. She has provided so many effective strategies and resources that have addressed effective communication, work/life self-integration, and cultivating staff connection. We are grateful for her role in helping us achieve our personal and professional goals.
— Marissa Zindell, school social worker.